Oticon Hearing Aids Accessories

Compatible Oticon Hearing Aids Accessories

ConnectLine is a neck-worn compact tool providing supreme hearing aids performance. You get a handy wireless headset that streams sounds from a great range of audio sources.

You can enjoy all communicating functions of the ConnectLine device with a push of just one button. More conversational features and high system intelligibility are available. With ConnectLine product, it is easy to get a video chat, listen to music, watch TV and use the most entertaining apps. Act now and make an order at Hearing On Call - your local provider of best hearing solutions in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

Streamer Pro is a key multimedia supplement to the hearing devices. You can remotely keep track of all system programs and also change volume, audio mode or kind of streaming source.

Performing advanced wireless technology, Streamer Pro is designed to send natural and clear sounds into both ears. The transmission of signals is free of failures, delays and interruptions. Start enjoying more kinds of entertainment and stay in touch with your nearest and dearest. To be sure, you can order Streamer Pro in Chicago and Illinois with no trouble!