Oticon ConnectLine Mini Mic
Oticon ConnectLine Mini Mic

Oticon ConnectLine Mini Mic

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The ConnectLine Mini Mic is the latest accessory designed specifically for use with a range of Oticon hearing aids to provide greater voice clarity in a noisy and crowded area.

Clear Communication

The ConnectLine Mini Mic can be wirelessly connected with your TV, smartphone, and other audio systems. This wearable piece of tech can also be worn by a person so that their communication can be clearly enjoyed through the use of a streaming device.

No Background Distortion

This device only detects meaningful sound generated from the source, minimizing and eliminating the effects of background noise and distortion to enjoy uninterrupted sound.

Simple Clip-On Design

The clip-on design allows the device to be easily pinned on to the communicator to hear them more clearly, even from a fair distance away.


  • Maximum operable range of 15m
  • Compatible with the Oticon Streamer 1.4/Pro
  • Simple clip-on design for easy use
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