Oticon ConnectLine TV Transmitter
Oticon ConnectLine TV Transmitter

Oticon ConnectLine TV Transmitter

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Say goodbye to subtitles: The ConnectLine TV Transmitter is here to provide you with crisp and clear TV sound directly to your hearing aids.

Pair for Powerful Performance

Wirelessly connect the device with your hearing aids through the Oticon Streamer Pro to enjoy great sound from the comfort of your couch.

Control On-the-Fly

The smart control grants users the ability to instantly connect, change, and adjust the TV channels as well the volume levels to enjoy a good viewing experience.

Sound which is in Sync with the Video

Users do not have to worry about the video and sound being out of sync with one another. The transmitter and compatible streamer house the latest technology to ensure you are able to enjoy content to the fullest.


  • Only compatible with the Oticon Streamer Pro
  • Simple set-top box design for easy concealability
  • No delay in streaming and deterioration of sound quality
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