Oticon OPN 2
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  • Royal Blue
  • Diamond Black
  • Chroma Beige
  • Terracotta
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Silver
  • Silver Grey
  • Steel Grey
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Make Your Life Easier with Oticon OPN S2

Recently, Oticon has introduced mid-level hearing aids that are available at our store now. The OPN S2 is rightly seen as a flagship device and a solution to hearing experience in noisy environments. Let’s take a closer look at what benefits you will get with the unit.

Unlock Limitless Potential of BrainHearingTM and VeloxTM

The OPN S2 is designed to make your hearing as smooth and accurate as you can imagine. For this purpose, the device uses the latest technologies available on the market. With a focus on signals that should be enhanced, BrainHearingTM provides considerable brain support when it comes to processing the information from surrounding sources. The technology is aimed at delivering more natural sounds without constant efforts.

VeloxTM is a platform that boasts its lighting sound analysis speed and multiple sources integration. Owing to these features, it allows a wearer to focus on a person you are talking to and suppress annoying noise.

Locate Every Sound with Spatial SoundTM LX

When participating in a group discussion or having a talk outside, it may be challenging to hear clearly because of all barriers we face. The OPN S2 places an increasing emphasis on the processing of binaural data to avoid possible issues. The listening device ensures accurate sound transmission that minimizes negative effects of surrounding noise.

Take Advantage of IFTTT

The OPN S2 introduces scores of undiscovered opportunities for every wearer. Due to the “If This Then That” network, you can effortlessly connect the hearing aids to a myriad of electronic devices at your home. That is why the OPN S2 is synonymous with maximum comfort for every user.


  • 48 channels for sound differentiation.
  • Bluetooth/IFTTT pairing.
  • 14 bands for volume adjustment.
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