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  • Sand Beige
  • Sandalwood
  • Chestnut
  • Velvet Black
  • Silver Grey
  • Graphite Grey
  • Beige
  • Champagne
  • Alpine White
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Often referred to as a pioneering hearing aid that can be connected to any phone via Bluetooth® 4.2, the Phonak Audeo B90-Direct is a “Made For All” go-to device for hearing-impaired people. The manufacturer takes great pains to push the boundaries and provides a wearer with endless hearing pleasure. With the Audeo B90-Direct, you can experience the wonder of sounds while using 20 different channels. This will help you to set a device for any environment.

The Audeo B90 Direct is based on the innovative Belong platform that brings about more additional benefits. Due to the rechargeable technology, the hearing aid doesn’t oblige a wearer to manage batteries too often. The ability to function 24 hours on a single charge will significantly add to your experience. Moreover, the Belong platform ensures better sound understanding owing to the next generation of AutoSense OS.

In addition to hearing improvement technologies, the Phonak Audeo B90 Direct features simple, eye-pleasing design, special earwax protector, and various settings. The hearing aids also ensure:

  • Direct connection to TV, stereo system or phone. It doesn’t matter whether your smartphone runs on iOS or Android, the Audeo B90-Direct can be paired with all models via Bluetooth® 4.2.
  • Hands-free calling, answering and rejecting. Phonak puts a premium on easiness of use and maximum comfort for a wearer. Thus, the Audeo B90 Direct will be an excellent choice if you are fed up with holding a mobile device continuously. When paired with a phone, the hearing aid can transmit the voice of a speaker and pick up your one during a conversation. What is more, there is no need to have a smartphone within reach of your hand. Even if you are in the other room, you can answer or reject calls by using special buttons. Make sure that Bluetooth® is enabled on your phone to start pairing.

Usage with TV Connector

Watching your favorite movie or show doesn’t require any sophisticated tools anymore. With the Phonak Audeo B90 Direct in combination with the TV connector, a wearer can enjoy excellent stereo without delays. The technology allows for streaming sounds to hearing aids even if you are standing as far as 15 meters away from the device. The connector belongs to the “Plug and Play” type and facilitates pairing. Once it is activated, it will recognize all compatible listening devices within a one-meter radius. Besides, the number of Audeo B-Direct models that can be used with the TV Connector at the same time is unlimited.

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