Phonak ComPilot II Air
Phonak ComPilot II Air

Phonak ComPilot II Air

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Phonak ComPilot Air II is a small, handy device that can be used as a remote control to adapt user’s hearing aids to different listening situations. Operated through Bluetooth technology, the ComPilot Air II allows to enjoy speech and favorite tracks from other multimedia devices, including PCs, TVs, cell phones or various music players.

The ComPilot Air II works as follows: the unit receives audio inputs from different Bluetooth devices and then transmits them wirelessly to a user’s hearing aids. It differs from previous versions in the following way: ComPilot Air II is smaller in size and doesn't have to be worn around the neck.

Since the device comes with a built-in clip for easy wearing, you can easily clip it to his clothes for even more convenience. Another significant advantage of the ComPilot Air II is that it provides binaural streaming of audio signals in stereo, acting as a built-in remote control for your hearing aids. Streaming music or phone calls on the move is not a problem anymore!

It is also worth mentioning that Phonak Compilot Air II uses spoken messages for easy interaction with the user. What’s more, it provides spoken caller identification.

Furthermore, the device is also compatible with the Phonak remote control smartphone app and can be used in combination with the Phonak TVLink and the Phonak RemoteMic.

At Hearing on Call, our primary mission is to deliver high-quality listening devices and accessories to people suffering from different types of hearing loss. Here, you can buy Phonak Compilot Air II online in just a few clicks. We guarantee the exceptional service to every customer.

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