Phonak Naida V70
Phonak Naida V70

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  • Sand Beige
  • Sandalwood
  • Chestnut
  • Velvet Black
  • Amber Beige
  • Petrol
  • Silver Grey
  • Graphite Grey
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The Phonak Naida V70 is a hearing aid that is made exclusively for patients with severe hearing loss. It is available in 3 styles and sits comfortably on the ear due to the rubber dome earpiece it is fitted with. The rubber dome can be customized to fit and to provide more power to the user. All in all the Phonak Naida V70 is a flexible hearing device that can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

Multiple channels – Offers 16 channels and at least 5 programs for flexible hearing and can be adjusted to suit specific hearing needs.

Advanced UltraZoom – offers pinpoint accuracy in hearing with directional microphone technology.

Music – Provides a richer music experience than other hearing aids

Natural sound – offers real ear sound experience for natural perception.


  • Flex volume
  • Speech in 360 degrees
  • 4 more programs
  • Improves audibility
  • Provides the best gain for speech
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