Phonak Power Pack (B-R only)
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Phonak Power Pack (B-R only)

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The Phonak Power Pack is perfect for the hearing impaired who wish to take short trips. It can be easily plugged into the bottom of the Phonak Charger. The power pack comes with its own Li-ion batteries which can be charged to up to 24 hours even if it only charged for 3 hours. This makes the Phonak hearing aids the longest lasting rechargeable hearing aids in the market.

Long lasting – the batteries have 40% more power than others making them last way longer

2 in 1 – The Phonak Power Pack can be connected to the Charger case and allows 7 extra charges for 2 hearing aids.

Capable of 24 hours long charge – the power pack can remain charged for a whole day for just 3 hours of charge


  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Smart charging options
  • Plugs into Phonak Charger Case.
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