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Compatible ReSound Hearing Aids Accessories

ReSound Remote Control 2

ReSound Remote Control is compact and very handy. It fits comfortably in your trouser pocket. But its main advantage is the ease of managing your hearing aid. There is no need to touch your ear and to mess around with volume settings in different situations! You can mute hearing aid to get rid of the background noise or extraneous sounds, for example, when driving in a car with an open window. Blocking only one side is possible.

Also, you can switch the program, when you are at an event or a large meeting. Thus, you will hear the speaker better and minimize ambient noise from the surrounding crowd. With this device, you have the option to adjust the volume of streaming while watching TV with your family or listening to the radio. Voices and sound of electronics will not interrupt each other! Order ReSound hearing aids accessories in Chicago, Illinois and the neighborhoods in our online store!

ReSound TV Streamer 2

TV Streamer 2 is an appliance that broadcasts sounds from video and audio equipment directly to the hearing aid. Now you don't need to feel uncomfortable when you want to increase the volume, but it interferes with your family. ReSound TV Streamer 2 solves this problem by turning your hearing aid into a wireless headphone. You can control the volume of a movie or music, regardless of the volume of the TV, radio or computer. Participate simultaneously in viewing and discussing favorite shows in the company of friends!

With Remote Control, you have the ability to adjust the volume of the equipment and hearing aid separately. Use the ReSound Phone Clip+ app and enjoy smooth management for your mobile conversations. The streaming sound will be automatically blocked or resumed once you receive and finish your call. While powered by this application, your smartphone can be used for remote control as well. Progressive technologies free you from a lot of wires and additional accessories. Regulate the noise level, customize the sound transmission parameters, listen to music directly from your smartphone! Hearing on Call offers you ultramodern ReSound hearing aids accessories in Wisconsin and Illinois at the best price!