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ReSound LiNX2 7: Gain Full Control of Your Hearing

ReSound LiNX2 7 is a hearing aid designed for people who spend most of their time in moderate listening environments such as office meetings, shopping malls, restaurants, golf courts or religious gatherings. This device allows you to hear what you want while blocking the distracting background noises around you.

Smartphone Control

Clear hearing is achieved by careful tuning using your mobile devices. ReSound LiNX2 7 is perfectly compatible with your iPhone, iPad and even iPod. Just download a Smart App that goes with your hearing aid, and discover everything ReSound LiNX2 7 has to offer!

Personalize your listening device according to your needs and preference. Adjusting volume, treble, and bass for a specific environment, then save the settings. ReSound LiNX2 7 allows to save four programs for places you frequently visit, so you don’t need to waste time tuning your device each time you enter your favorite coffee shop.

The Technology Behind ReSound LiNX2 7

The device has two Coyote 4.5 processing chips. One of them deals with the sound, and the other supports the wireless functionality. Thanks to its dual core, you get maximum productivity for minimum power. This means your hearing aid functions perfectly without frequent charging.

One Device for The Whole Family

ReSound LiNX2 7 is a universal hearing aid that comes in all shapes, styles, and colors. No matter what your taste is, you are guaranteed to find the right solution within the ReSound family.

Bonus Features

Although ReSound LiNX2 7 was made for Apple users, Android lovers can enjoy it too! Now your hearing aid directly connects to Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and S6. Moreover, you can use your listening device as wireless headphones, streaming audio from your iPhone or iPod. Live comfortably with ReSound!

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