ReSound Micro Mic
ReSound Micro Mic

ReSound Micro Mic

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The ReSound MicroMic drastically enhances the range of select hearing aids, boosting their operating capability to provide uninterrupted sound at greater distances.

No-Delay Streaming

A minimal streaming delay of 20 ms allows users to enjoy near immediate speech delivery from even a fair distance away.

One-Time Pairing

The mic only needs to be paired with the transmitting device once, relieving the user of the task of going through the hassle again in the future.

Real-Time Signal-to-Noise Ratio Optimization

Improved clarity of speech in audibly challenging situations where the speaker’s audio system is below par and in situations where there is a high amount of distortion and background noise.


  • 4 GHz wireless audio frequency support.
  • 10 hours of talk-time on a single, full charge.
  • Flawless operation range of up to 25 meters (clear line of sight between paired devices).
  • Comes with charger.
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