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The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone is a sophisticated device aimed at transmitting speech directly to user's hearing aids. This discreet clip-on microphone helps people with different types of hearing impairments hear better in noisy environments. With The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone, 1-on-1 communication in crowded places is not a problem anymore.

There is no need to look at speaker’s facial expressions to understand what is being said — the device allows one to recognize what people are talking about even when not looking at them. This makes it easier to take notes during meetings or eat a meal while chatting with friends and family. The Resound Unite Mini Mic is the ideal accessory one can apply in any situation where background noise can be an issue.

In addition to bringing numerous speech recognition benefits, the ReSound Unite Mini Mic also functions as a versatile, portable audio streamer. You can use it to listen to your iPad, iPod, laptop, TV or radio anytime you want to. You can even go further and make the device your travel companion when you’re away from home — just place it in front of your TV speakers and stream directly to your ears.

Another great thing about the apparatus is that it’s very easy to use. To make The ReSound Unite Mini Mic work, pair your ReSound hearing aids to the device. Once this is done, it need never be done again. It’s also worth mentioning that the microphone does not work with all hearing aid models in the ReSound range. It is compatible with Linx 3D, Linx 2, Alera, Verso and LiNX ReSound wireless hearing aids only.

Not sure whether The ReSound Unite Mini Mic is compatible with your hearing aids? Give us a call! Hearing on Call experts will provide you with the best advice possible and help you make the right choice.

Please, note that the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone has been discontinued. The best product alternatives are the Resound Micro Mic and the Resound Multi Mic. At Hearing on Call, you can buy them online at competitive prices.

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