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Join the World of Sounds with ENZO2 7

The Enzo2 7 is considered to be one of the most effective mid-range hearing aids offered by ReSound. It features 17 frequency channels to enhance wearer’s listening experience dramatically. When using this device, a person stands a chance to enjoy much clearer sounds. This is a result of the DFS Ultra II system that is designed to suppress undesired feedbacks and ensure better amplification.

ReSound has successfully implemented innovative technologies in its hearing aids to provide you with experience you have never had before. Due to scores of available modes, including Binaural, Environmental Optimizer II, and AutoScope Adaptive Directionality, the Enzo2 7 improves sound quality. However, it is not only superior clearness that impresses wearers. The hearing aids can also boast its noise protection systems. Featuring the Noise Tracker II and WindGuard technologies, the listening device allows you to focus on the conversation and a person you are talking to regardless of the environment. The Enzo2 7 reduces ambient sounds, and that makes it superbly comfortable for outdoor use.

If you are looking for hearing aids which are kept out of the public eye, this device is an optimal solution. Owing to its sophisticated design, the Enzo2 7 stays almost invisible behind an ear. Apart from its pleasant visual appearance, the device is coated with iSolate nanotech offered by ReSound. The technology keeps the hearing aids resistant to water, dust, and earwax. Thus, it maximizes the durability of the Enzo2 7 for you to enjoy sounds much longer.

More Options for Every Wearer

The Enzo2 7 is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices for smooth streaming of music. Forget about additional accessories and enjoy your favorite songs directly. If your smartphone is based on the Android system, you can choose Phone Clip+. What is more, the hearing aids can be adjusted using the Smart App. A wearer can change volume settings and sound enhancements for a particular location. Once you come there again, the program will automatically recreate your changes. It also features the “Finder” option that shows the exact location of your hearing aids.


Four different memory programs make the Enzo2 7 even more customized. The hearing aids can adapt to any listening environment and individual preferences of a wearer. Thanks to its robust design and a myriad of sound enhancement functions, you are provided with a pleasant listening atmosphere wherever you are.

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