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ReSound ENZO2 9: Try out the most powerful hearing aid on the market

ENZO2 9 is the latest and most powerful hearing aid by the world-renowned Swiss company ReSound. Now all the sounds are more clear without background noise or feedback. Discover a simple way to return to the normal life!

Feel your environment

No other hearing aid can give you that much sense of your surroundings. With ENZO2 9 Spatial Sense you can easily tell the direction any sound is coming from which makes things simple to navigate.

Your little secret

ENZO2 9 is so discreet that it is hardly visible behind the ear. Let people notice you, not your hearing aid. Every detail of the device is coated with iSolate nanotech. It is a durable material that repels water, earwax, dust, and sweat, so you don’t have to be afraid to resume your active lifestyle.

Smart hearing

ENZO2 9 is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and selected Android devices. Use ReSound Smart App to personalize your hearing experience and adjust volume, treble, and bass with a few taps on the screen. Save the settings and geo-tag them, so that your hearing aid automatically switches when you enter your office or favorite coffee shop.

Overcome your fear of calling

ENZO2 9 uses Bluetooth technology to stream your phone calls straight to your hearing aid to make sure you pick up every word of the conversation. Try ENZO2 9, and you will enjoy phone conversations again!

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