Starkey Hearing Aids Accessories

Compatible STARKEY Hearing Aids Accessories

At Hearing on Call, we always try to ensure our customers from Wisconsin and Illinois with the best hearing aid accessories. This time we are glad to introduce SurfLink Mini Mobile — small cell phone streaming solution that allows patients to stream phone calls easily by connecting different Bluetooth-ready mobile devices to their Muse hearing aids. Another great thing about SurfLink Mini Mobile is that it is entirely compatible with SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 — one of the best-selling gadgets among patients with hearing loss.

The SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 perfectly copes with its primary goal, which is to stream audio directly to Muse hearing aids. The following solution is an ideal option for people who are searching for small, lightweight and easy-to-use hearing aid device. The SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 is usually worn by a conversation partner to assist patients in both one-on-one talks and settings with multiple speakers. You can switch between models to optimize your listening experience in diverse environments. Looking for carefree connectivity and control? Then a line of SurfLink accessories is exactly what you need. Compatible Starkey hearing aid accessories — already available in Chicago!

The TruLink hearing control app seamlessly connects Halo 2 hearing aids to iPhone and iPad — so, individuals with hearing loss can go anywhere and easily adjust the volume on their devices whenever they want. Both SurfLink Mobile 2 and SurfLink Media 2 connect any of their wireless hearing aid models to external audio sources, including TV, phone or mp3 player.

Starkey specializes in a series of earmolds designed specifically for wearers with unique needs. Musicians, pilots, and newscasters can take benefit of them. And hunters should definitely try Starkey’s SoundGear solution that allows hearing clearly while still providing excellent protection from loud noises. Now, citizens of Wisconsin can also experience the benefits of Starkey hearing accessories, as Starkey Products are already accessible in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.