Starkey Halo 2 i2400
Starkey Halo 2 i2400

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The Halo 2 i2400 hearing aid from Starkey is equipped to provide you an impeccable hearing experience that can help facilitate your phone calls on various receivers, including Android and iOS devices.

Elegant design

The hearing aid is designed to be lightweight and fit easily inside your pocket. The device rests comfortably in your hands and allows you to operate it conveniently.

Quality listening experience

The Halo 2 i2400 is equipped to streamline phone calls and deliver quality listening experience. The hearing aid is compatible with a range of devices, including both smartphones and tablets.

Noise canceling and compression

The device also offers excellent noise canceling and compression capabilities, ensuring smooth phone calls.


  • Quality speech optimization using Acuity Speech Compression
  • Designed with Surface Nanoshield that helps repel moisture and wax
  • Wireless streaming
  • Tinnitus relief technology – emits sounds that alleviate ringing in the ears due to tinnitus
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