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Unlock Your Hearing Potential with Halo iQ

Halo iQ i1600 is the latest hearing aid from Starkey company that was designed specifically for iPhone lovers. The device uses advanced technologies to reduce the unnecessary noises and amplify the important sounds even in the most complicated environments.

Stream Your Calls

Long gone are the days when you had to hold the phone close to your ear! Halo iQ i1600 will stream the calls and audio messages from your iPhone straight to the hearing aid using Bluetooth technology. Now you can answer your calls with just one tap on your device!

Adapt to the Environment

Maximize your user experience with the free TruLink app for iOS. Using a unique feature called SoundSpace, you can make geotagged Memories. They will automatically adjust your sound settings to different environments as soon as you get near to the tagged area. This way you can seamlessly switch between home, office and coffee shop without having to fix your settings manually.

Enjoy a Private Rock Concert in Your Ears

Starkey Halo iQ i1600 allows you to stream music directly from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or iPod touch. Enjoy clear, high-quality sound without any feedback noises, buzzing or whistling.

For Android Users

Starkey also offers a solution to those who own cell phones with Android operating system. The TruLink app is available on Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Apps but only for selected phone models by Google Pixel, Samsung, and HTC.

Why You Should Choose Halo iQ

This hearing aid will sync perfectly with your Apple mobile devices. It is made of durable, high-quality, soft materials that repel water and earwax. The device is very compact and hides behind your ear so discreetly that it is almost unnoticeable to others. Try Starkey Halo iQ i1600 today, and you will never want to take it off!

Get the Maximum Benefits
from Your Hearing Aid