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Can't hear conversation around the dinner table? Feel difficulties with understanding what people are talking about in noisy environments? Then, Halo IQ i2000 is precisely the solution you are looking for. The following hearing aid was designed to blow the most common hearing loss problems away.

Put out by Starkey, Halo IQ i2000 is the top level direct to iPhone technology solution. Featuring twenty channels, the device provides supreme sound quality by reducing circuit noise. What’s more, precise directional microphones of the hearing aid helps make speech sound more natural and easier to hear in complex listening environments.

Although Halo IQ is made for iPhone hearing aids, they are also compatible with various Android devices, including:

  • HTC models
  • Google Nexus
  • Samsung models

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you have iPhone or Android — almost any person with hearing loss may use Halo IQ i2000. The solution preserves peace and quiet, amplifying the vital things the user needs to hear.

It is also worth mentioning that Halo relies on Starkey's TruLink app. You can easily download the app and wirelessly stream music, phone calls, messages, movies, and other media directly from the smartphone to your hearing aids.

Durability is another advantage of Halo IQ i2000. This hearing aid is constructed with lasting materials to protect and prevent the sensitive, electronic components from breaking. Coated in Surface NanoShield, the device effectively repels water, earwax, and other debris, ensuring proper aid function and reliability. This is especially important for individuals who lead active lifestyles.

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