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With the Halo IQ i2400, every person with hearing issues can immerse into the world of sounds again. The device enables you to communicate in everyday environments without losing any experience. Made by the renowned manufacturer, the Starkey Halo IQ i2400 offers 24 different channels, remarkable listening clarity, and undesired noise reduction for more comfortable hearing.

In addition to the cutting-edge IQ technology, this model features smartphone compatibility. With the Halo IQ i2400, wearers are not supposed to deal with a myriad of other tools to answer a call or listen to their favorite songs. The aids are designed to personalize and simplify your hearing experience. Thus, you can easily connect them to any of your Apple devices. In case your phone is based on the Android system, our SurfLink solution will help you to keep all functions of the Halo IQ i2400.

When paired with a smartphone, the hearing aids allow for:

  • Direct streaming of calls, messages, music, and notifications to your device.
  • Enhancing audio quality for you to feel every detectable effect the sounds may have.
  • Automatic adjustment of the loudness level.
  • Making your conversations and speeches more natural with the help of directional microphones.

The Starkey Halo IQ i2400 is an obvious choice for music lovers. The listening devices are based on the technology with a focus on sound clarity. That is why you can enjoy any song to the fullest without annoying buzzing or whistling.

Apart from the purest sound quality even in the most crowded places, the Halo IQ i2400 ensures adequate protection against wax and moisture. With this model, you don’t need to worry about its functionality in the future. When opting for the listening device manufactured by Starkey, you are provided with a perfect hearing solution for many years.

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