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Starkey Muse i1000
Muse i1000
Starkey Muse i1000 Hearing Aid

Pair - Starkey Muse i1000


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Hearing effortlessly in challenging environments can be crucial to people with different levels of hearing loss. Thanks to the Starkey’s solutions, patients all over the world can enjoy easy adaptation to new sounds, TV, stream phone, and live music in superb quality.

One of the Starkey's most innovative technologies, the Muse i1000 provides a more natural listening experience for those who suffer from the mild-to-profound hearing impairment. The Muse family of hearing devices was built on Starkey's modern Acuity OS 2 operating system that enables various sounds, including light music and speech, to be processed uniquely.

The i1000 is the most basic technology from Starkey. It’s missing some crucial features that make other Starkey devices adaptable, dynamic and comfortable in all the environments. However, this device is remaining in the trend due to its durability and low price. The Muse i1000 hearing gadget is the economy level in the company’s range. It has 10 processing channels and should be applied only in one-on-one listening environments. 

You can choose to wear it open-fit or with one of Absolute Power earmolds from Starkey Hearing Technologies. It should be used for only the calmest lifestyles. Thus, you will get premium sound quality combined with Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, Whistlefree feedback cancellation, and Wireless Streaming.
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