Starkey Muse i1200
Muse i1200
BTE Starkey Muse i1200
Starkey Muse i1200 Hearing Aid

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As a Starkey's top-rated hearing aid family, Muse has dramatically grown in popularity after its release in 2016. The Muse family of hearing devices from Starkey Hearing Technologies features innovative Acuity OS 2 operating system, and thus provides a true-to-life listening experience. 

Earlier Starkey hearing aids were significantly improved. Thus, the Muse i1200 includes 12 channels and is designed to make sounds clearer and more easily understood, so that you will hear effortlessly in challenging environments. On top of that, you will enjoy live music to the fullest. This device allows adapting to new sounds, TV, and stream phone in high quality. 

Customers, who have hearing impairment in the mild-to-profound range, will enjoy the Muse wearing experience. You can wear it with one of the sophisticated Absolute Power earmolds from Starkey. In any case, you're going to get outstanding sound quality with less feedback than any other hearing gadget on the market.

Despite all the benefits, this hearing device misses the crucial "ear-to-ear" feature. It means that two i1200s can’t work together to minimize background noise, like wind, loud music, or multiple voices in a less-than-perfect environment. That’s why the Muse i1200 perfectly fit calm lifestyles. If you spend time outdoors, in public events or restaurants, the Muse i1600 would be your ideal choice. 
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