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Muse is Starkey’s most famous hearing aid family, built on new Acuity OS 2 operating system. To enhance your listening experiences, Muse has made numerous improvements to earlier Starkey hearing aids. The latest Muse technology brings it all together: advanced features and exceptional sound quality, fitting specific hearing needs of each client.

The Muse i1600 hearing aid is an optimal choice for people with both mild and severe hearing losses. Patients usually wear Muse hearing aids open-fit or with one of Starkey's Custom Absolute Power earmolds. What makes this solution so unique is its advanced microphone system that adapts to challenging environments, allowing to hear well when it's loud, or there's a lot of background noise. As a result, patients hear clearly in crowded and noisy places what makes their life better every single day.

In case you are looking for cost-effective hearing aid solution with progressive noise reduction technology, then Muse is exactly what you need. The hearing aid offers a direct wireless connection, making it easier for you to adjust to new sounds, stream TV, cell phone and your favorite songs in good quality. It gives the opportunity to enjoy live music exactly the way it meant to be heard.

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