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Muse i2000
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Muse is a well-known line of Starkey products. This line is equipped with a more productive Acuity OS 2 that provides the transmission of sounds in close to the natural mode and better understanding of speech in difficult listening situations.

Thanks to complex technical solutions and advanced technologies, Muse gives the best wireless streaming - from a smartphone, TV, computer and audio equipment. The sounds of music are felt softly and cleanly, as never before. Simultaneous processing of several sounds and digital noise reduction IQ Boost ensure a comfortable and full sound perception.

The Muse i2000 is a premium quality hearing aid designed for different stages of hearing loss. Receiving sound occurs on 20 channels, with the ability to automatically switch programs. This device is perfect for people with an active lifestyle due to deep customization and quick adaptation to changes in the environment. And the Surface™ NanoShield protection system from external influences guarantees smooth operation for many years.

Also, the best-of-breed Speech Shift feedback suppression is integrated into the hearing aids. A flexible function Multiflex Tinnitus not only reduces the ringing in the ears but also works as a binaural system that allows patients with unilateral or unequal bilateral hearing deprivation avoid one-sided losses. Enjoy the ease of conversations with the Muse i2000 every day!

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