Starkey Halo 2 i1600
Starkey Halo 2 i1600

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The Halo 2 i1600 hearing aid device from Starkey is equipped to offer excellent phone calls through superior voice hearing and noise-cancelling capabilities. The device is integrated with multiple voice hearing capabilities and features that are best suited for people with hearing loss.

Simplicity of use

The Halo 2 i1600 is designed for utmost simplicity and operability. The device can be configured to suit your individual hearing needs based on the noise level of your environments.

Noise compression capability

The device is designed to offer superior noise compression and canceling feature by adapting to different environments to ensure your voice hearing and phone call experiences are not affected.


With its Surface Nanoshield, the Halo 2 i1600 is capable of repelling most substances, including water, oils, moisture, and wax, which helps enhance lifetime value.


  • Built to handle noise listening environments
  • Wireless streaming across 16 channels
  • Compact and elegant design
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