Starkey SurfLink Mini Mobile
Starkey SurfLink Mini Mobile

SurfLink Mini Mobile


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SurfLink Mini Mobile

The Surflink Mini Mobile is a small, easy-to-use wireless solution aimed at streaming phone calls and other audio to Muse IQ hearing aids. The device is one of the most preferred accessories for patients. With its help, users can easily connect any Bluetooth-ready mobile device to their Muse hearing aids. Surflink Mini Mobile is all about connecting mobile devices to wireless hearing aids to stream phone calls, music, and audio. 

How the Surflink Mini Mobile Works?

The device has a sophisticated built-in microphone. During phone calls, the solution picks up user’s voice and transmits it to the caller during the whole conversation. By plugging the Mini Mobile device into the bottom of the SurfLink Remote Microphone 2, you can quickly activate the system. It is also worth mentioning that the device is compatible only with Muse hearing aids.

Benefits of the Surflink Mini Mobile

  • Comfortable answering: the device allows you to accept, hang up, reject and transfer calls to or from a Bluetooth-connected phone;
  • Notifications: email, text, and other enabled smartphone alerts stream directly to hearing aids;
  • Effortless computability: the device is fully compatible with Surflink Remote Microphone 2 — one of the most popular devices among people with hearing impairments;
  • Access to favorite music and other audio: you can play audio on any Bluetooth-connected device, and it will be transmitted via the Surflink Mini Mobile to your wireless hearing devices.


As you can see, this device is a perfect streaming solution. People with different types of hearing loss would benefit from it. At Hearing on Call, you can buy the SurfLink Mini Mobile at our stores. We have the lowest pricing on the Surflink Mini Mobile.

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