Widex RC-DEX
Widex RC-DEX

Widex RC-DEX

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The RC-DEX hearing aid from Widex is designed to offer superior voice hearing and call quality experience for people who have hearing loss.  This hearing remote control facilitates audio streaming and efficient connectivity to your electronic devices.

Elegant and compact design

The hearing aid device is sleek and compact enough to allow portability and convenience of use through its lightweight and small design.

Easy to use

The device is incredibly simple to operate. Its adjustable volume buttons and program switch features makes it convenient for users to use.

Feature selection

The RC-DEX device emits tone and verbal cues to inform you of a feature selection. This improves the device using experience and reduces the need to constantly check your device.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Simple to operate
  • Can be fit inside a keychain for easy accessibility
  • Provides quality audio streaming

Excellent noise reduction and voice hearing capabilities

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