Widex TV-DEX
Widex TV-DEX

Widex TV-DEX

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TV-DEX is an accessory from Widex that is best suited for hearing aid users to have an enjoyable and convenient experience communicating with all kinds of electronic devices, such as landline phones, remote controls, and television.

The device consists of a number of innovative capabilities and features to allow smooth listening to your audio and TV.

Sleek and compact design

The device is designed to resemble a remote control, owing to being lightweight and small in its design, which makes it easy to carry and use.

High audio streaming range

The device is capable of streaming audio files across different electronic devices from 10 meters away. This helps users avoid the need to carry it with them at all times.

Room Off mode

This capability enables you to temporarily turn off the microphone of your hearing aid to watch TV and hear audio without any background noise.


  • Stream high quality audio in real time
  • 10 hour capacity rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with Widex hearing aids and devices


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