Proper repair and regular cleaning can
provide greater comfort when using hearing aids.

We will clean as well as replace and repair parts of your hearing aids to keep them in top working condition.

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Warranty Services

Warranty Services are for hearing aids covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty. In office warranty services: cleanings, filter replacements, battery door replacements, tubing replacements, minor alterations to ear molds and hearing instrument shells, and reprogramming / recalibration.

For warranty repairs or modifications beyond these listed above we offer a free assessment to provide you with the best option for your situation.

Out of Warranty Services

Out of Warranty Services are for hearing aids no longer covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty. If the cost of repairing your aid is a concern for you, we offer a free initial assessment in any of our offices. Also, don’t worry if you didn’t purchase your hearing aids from us. We will always check with your manufacture first to determine if your aids are still covered under warranty for service. If your warranty has expired, we will help you determine what services best suit your needs and budget before performing any work on your hearing aids.

For out of warranty services, lab repair fees will apply.

Services and Lab Repairs
*Consultation with Ted about list of services and fee pricing needed
In Office Repair and Modification
Battery Door Replacement
$20.00 if available
Filter Replacement packages (depends on manufacturer)
Replacement Domes – RIC
$10-18.00 per pack
Hearing Aid Cleaning (each device)
Earmold Tubing Replacement
Receiver Wire Replacement (depends on manufacturer)
Custom Earmold or Encased Power Mold (RIC or BTE, will depend on manufacturer)
Programming/Recalibration (With Recent Audiogram)
Microphone Reattachment
Retrieval String Replacement
Lab Repair
Repair with 6 Month Warranty
$230.00 (may vary by manufacturer)
Repair with 12 Month Warranty
$275.00 (may vary by manufacturer)
Standard Shipping for Lab Repair
Overnight/Rush Service

Get professional maintenance and repair
for your hearing aids