"Stay at Home" Order and your Hearing Office

Dear Loyal Customers,

We want to reassure you that Hearing on Call will be open during the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order for our customers. However, we will be limiting in-office visits, and any in-office visit needs to be approved by Ted Nenov the owner. Please understand, due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus we have to take extra precautions prior to servicing hearing aids. Part of our new process will be to sanitize your aids, then place them in a UV-sterilization unit for 45 minutes prior to our staff working on them.

As a result we will be offering the following services:

Curbside pickup for cleanings and repairs

Existing customers – As usual, there will be no charge if you are within your warranty.

- Parts covered under warranty will be no-charge

- Parts not covered by warranty will be charged accordingly

New customers or Out-of-Warranty Repairs – There will be a $50 charge to take your aids in, clean/sterilize, and evaluate them.

- Any parts will be charged on top of this

- If the repair is more involved, we will call you with the cost prior to proceeding. Please understand, due to the sterilization/cleaning process we have to undertake with every set, you will be charged the $50 regardless.

In-office visits

These will still be allowed on an as-needed basis. Any in-office visit will need my direct approval prior to scheduling. This will likely involve a phone call from me. Please understand, our staff needs to stay healthy for their families and to be able to serve our customers during this tough time. We are taking every precaution to do so while still being one of the only Hearing Practices that will remain open to serve you.

I am hopeful that this "Stay at Home" order can be lifted ahead of time as the percentage of infected people goes down over time.

Please know we will miss all our clients until the order is lifted. Anyone who truly knows our office as you all do, know that we value and love our customers.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

We look forward to seeing all of you and your family/friends/co-workers once this is all in the past.

Ted Nenov and Team!