What To Expect
Find out what your experience at Hearing on Call will be like below!
Usually, it takes someone up to seven years to realize they are experiencing hearing problems that require professional help. To facilitate the process of hearing loss detection we have detailed what to expect during the evaluation we offer below:
  • Making an Appointment or Attending a Seminar

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    Depending on your particular needs, Hearing on Call Specialists will gladly determine the type of appointment that suits you best. Our Patient Care Coordinators are always at your disposal to provide you with free hearing examinations and answer all your questions about prices and services. Striving to attend an educational seminar or want to book a free appointment? Get in touch with us right now!
  • Examination

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    The first thing we start with is a simple questionnaire. The survey is conducted to establish the patient’s hearing history. After that, we provide a visual examination of your ears with an otoscope — medical device used for evaluating hearing loss. The main aim of the examination is to reveal existing ear obstructions and problems that may be affecting your hearing. You will go through a series of hearing and speech recognition tests that will help determine both: possible causes and degree of hearing loss that may exist. If patient’s condition requires medical treatment, then he or she will be referred to ENT Specialist for further testing. In case there is no any medical condition causing the hearing loss, the Expert will make a brief summary of relevant clinical guidelines that will help you move forward.
  • Evaluations

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    Hearing on Call Professionals in their practice regularly apply audiometer — medical device used for evaluating hearing acuity. The following apparatus emits sounds and tones at different frequencies. During the evaluation, the Expert will notate all your responses — on their basis he will formulate an accurate diagnosis. Since sensitivity to sound frequently differs from one ear to the other, we test each ear separately.
  • Demonstration

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    Dependent on patient’s level of hearing loss, the Specialist will recommend a hearing solution that best fits patient’s hearing severity and budget. We also take into account client’s lifestyle and cosmetic preferences. It often happens that a patient’s hearing loss doesn’t require any hearing instruments. At that rate, we schedule such individuals to come back in a year to monitor any progression of hearing loss. In some cases, the Specialist can fit patient on the same day with a bunch of hearing instruments to show how today’s digital hearing technology can reverse the effects of hearing loss in people’s life.
  • Hearing Instrument Options

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    At Hearing on Call, you will find the finest choice of advanced hearing instruments from world’s most reputed brands. We stand out from the competition, offering virtually every hearing aid brand. Unlike other hearing aid distributors, our company is not owned by any of the hearing instrument manufacturers. What’s more, Hearing on Call is the largest independent hearing care provider in the Western United States. Since we grow and develop fast, our independence allows us to choose the best hearing devices from the most reliable manufacturers to satisfy needs and preferences even of the most demanding clients.
  • Payment Options

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    Once you’ve decided on your hearing aid device, Hearing on Call Experts will discuss with you the flexible payment options, as well as convenient payment plans our company offers. Thus, you’ll be able to choose whether to pay by cash, check or credit card. It’s good for you to know that we also deliver in office repair and modification services. In case you are interested in shell repair, microphone reattachment, or want to know more about our warranty services, just give us a call, and we will make you a price quote based on your needs.
  • Your Custom Fitting

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    You should be aware that your level of hearing loss is unique to you. Due to this, Hearing on Call Professionals program and tune each hearing instrument according to your needs. During a fitting, devices are placed in patient’s ears and programmed to the settings that ensure the patient is getting the best results possible. The first time you try hearing instruments, you will discover sounds that you haven’t heard for an extended period. They might include refrigerator running, traffic noise, water machine humming, cat purr. As you systematically wearing your instruments, your brain will adjust to strange noises and automatically begin to tune them out. As soon as it happens, you will be able to enjoy all the sounds you have been missing.
  • Our Follow Up

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    During your adjustment period, Hearing on Call Specialist will schedule several follow-up visits. At these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to share your impressions and discuss personal experiences with your new hearing devices. If there is a need, the Expert will fine tune your instruments again based on the information you provide during these appointments. It’s our mission to work diligently, regularly making the necessary adjustments until the patient is completely satisfied.
  • Your Fresh Start

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    We assure you: once your instruments are fine tuned to your needs and wants, life becomes more vibrant and dynamic. You will dive into the world of marvelous sounds, again reconnecting to those that mean the most to you. Hearing on Call team promises you’ll have years of improved hearing. We hope you’ll share your incredible experience using our hearing aids with other people struggling with different types of hearing loss.