The Audéo B90 by Phonak is the latest premium hearing aid which features a ton of improvements and enhancements compared to the outgoing V70, making it the best piece of wearable tech in the entire category.

Binaural VoiceStream Technology

The incorporation of the Binaural VoiceStream Technology significantly improves audio clarity when talking in a noisy environment, also mitigating the negative effects when the receiver is a fair distance away.

AutoSense OS

AutoSense’s SoundRecover 2 feature improves the ability of the user to perceive sound. This model offers 20% enhanced audio quality, 37% less user effort to comprehend multiple sounds, and a 10% improvement in detecting softer audio levels and suppressed speech.

Improved Charging

24-hour uptime on single charge and a fast charging function which offers 6 hours of use on a 30-minute charge.


  • 7 pre-programmed AutoSense OS audio channels
  • 4 year battery life
  • Fast charging function: 30 minute charge time for up to 6 hours of use