The Oticon Remote Control 3.0 grants users the ability to wirelessly operate their hearing aids, allowing them to adjust volume levels and change programs on the go.

Snug Design

The small, lightweight yet sturdy design allows users to comfortably hold the device in the palm of their hands, allowing easy operability.

Simple Operation

The remote has a simplistic 3-button design (i.e. volume control and channel change button) which allows users to perform vital functions from the comfort of their seat.

Everyday Assistance

The remote assists users in performing everyday functions without needing to adjust the hearing aids again and again. Users can make basic adjustments from the remote itself.


  • Only compatible with Oticon OPN hearing aids
  • Study and simple 3-button design
  • Maximum operating range of 1.8 meters with obstructed line of sight
  • 2 AAAA battery operable allowing 1 year of normal use