A purchase of 2 Siemens Signia Primax 7 Hearing Aids includes: 

Directional microphones to optimize placement & orientation to ensure best possible hearing performance. Includes a size 312 standard or rechargeable battery with on/off function. Connects wireless to easy audio streaming and remote control functionality via the easyTek™ and easyTek™ App.

TwinPhone telephone signal is transmitted clearly to both hearing aids. Tinnitus therapy signals with five static noise types and four ocean wave signals. The eCharger™ charges and dehumidifies Pure primax overnight.

Remotely controllable via the touchControl™ App, hearing programs, volume, directionality, bass and treble can be changed discreetly. Compatible with CROS Pure®.

Receive with Purchase:

  • 2 Siemens Signia Primax 7 Units
  • 45 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty
  • Adjustments in 45 Day Trial
  • 1 Year Supply of Batteries, Domes, Filters