The new Signia Styletto NX 5 is more than just a hearing aid, it’s high-tech, slim, and stylish work of art!

Signia Styletto combines exceptional style with the convenience of portable rechargeability and the clearest, most natural listening experience even in challenging environments.

Whether it’s an intimate chat or a discussion with good friends, Signia Styletto lets you enjoy every voice with outstanding sound quality, including your own, thanks to Own Voice Processing (OVPtm). Styletto’s Speech Quality technology lets you unwind with ease, helping you understand your conversation partner clearly even in noisy places such as a busy restaurant.

The myHearingtm App allows you to connect with your Hearing on Call professional remotely saving a trip to the office. This allows you to receive instant help & advice, including live remote tuning to find the preferred settings for you even while you’re at home or on the go.