The DECT II phone is easy to use and requires no additional devices and programming to work either. All users need to do is talk in it like a normal phone and within 25 cm of the hearing aids. The signal is caught and streamed automatically. The phone is cordless, so it looks like just any regular phone but is more powerful than one. It transmits sound in both ears through the hearing aids while reducing noise and increasing understanding at the same time.

Streams sound wirelessly – the DECT II is capable of streaming sound wirelessly to only Phonak Venture hearing aids.

Multiple ringtones – comes with 12 unique ringtones.

User friendly – comes with a hands-free mode and a vibrate function.


  • Dedicated volume buttons
  • Vibrate function
  • Volume boost function
  • Multiple ringtones for enhanced experience.
  • Comes with a booster mode if you are not wearing hearing aids.