The Motion eCharger can give you confidence, as you will know that your batteries will last as long as you need them. This is a device that works with Siemens hearing aids and will eliminate the need to fiddle with tiny batteries. It needs six hours to charge fully, so can be done overnight. You will need just one pair of batteries for a whole year. If you care about the environment, you already see that this option is much better than throwing out dead batteries every day.

The charger is a neat box, which looks stylish and can easily be stored when not being used. You can also easily take it with you due to its compact size.

The charger dries and refreshes the hearing aids while they are charging which means that they are protected from any damage that could be caused by moisture and they will work at their best.

The great thing about rechargeable batteries is that you will no longer have the embarrassment and hassle of having a battery run out during the day. You will be able to be confident that an overnight charge will allow you to have enough battery power to rely upon. Your hearing aids will be serving you all day. It can be really inconvenient when you have to change a battery in the middle of conversation – however, with this eCharger, you can forget about these troubles.