This Tek Transmitter is included if you buy a Siemens miniTek but if you have a Siemens easyTek you will not have one and so you will need to purchase one separately. This is also suitable to use with the miniTek if you want to have a second transmitter.

The transmitter can be used to pick up audio from devices with Bluetooth. This would include most hi-fis, televisions and similar devices and some analogue ones can also use it anyway.

The transmitter will send the audio from your device straight to the hearing aids you are wearing. This means that you will be able to more clearly hear sounds, regardless of the background noise. If you need a higher volume level for watching television or listening to music, you can adjust the sound in your streamer without disturbing everyone else.

If you have a Siemens miniTek then you will need the transmitter to be paired to your hearing aids. This can be done by a trained technician and you should be able to find one in your place. If you have Siemens Binax hearing aids you should be able to pair them yourself. If you are not sure then check first.