More Comfort and Flexibility with SurfLink Remote Mic 2

Starkey introduces a go-to device for all patients suffering from different levels of hearing loss. The lightweight SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 is designed to make your everyday life more natural. When being paired with your hearing aids, it provides direct streaming of a person’s voice at the moment of speaking. The SurfLink Remote Mic 2 can be finely adjusted to ensure sound transmission to multiple listening devices at the same time.

The Microphone is an ideal accessory to enhance your hearing experience when it comes to:

  • Listening to lectures. The device can be worn by a teacher to make sure you hear every word even if being at a great distance.
  • Participating in a conversation with multiple speakers.
  • Talking to a person in challenging listening environments.


What is more, the SurfLink Remote Mic 2 enables you to change the volume and switch between several hearing modes. This accessory allows you to save personal settings and bring your listening experience to the highest level. When developing the Microphone, Starkey has successfully managed to maximize your comfort.


Note: The SurfLink Remote Mic 2 can be used only with Starkey hearing aids of Muse series.