Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adaptor
Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adaptor

Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter

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Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter: Turn your hearing aid into a wireless headset

Does your hearing loss make using telephone simply unbearable? Do you feel frustrated not being able to pick up the words on the other side of the line? Oticon has come up with a solution for you! The ConnectLine Phone Adapter streams all the calls directly to your hearing aid transforming it into a wireless headset for hands-free conversations.

Easy to connect

All you need to do is push a few buttons to pair the adapter with your streamer. After that, you will hear a signal every time you get an incoming call and be able to answer it with a single tap. Same goes for the outgoing calls. As soon as you start to dial, the streamer will send audio straight to your ears.

Never miss a call again

The Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter has a special AutoPriority feature that allows your hearing aid to instantly receive the call no matter what you were doing. For example, if you were watching TV, the streamer will mute its sound so that you can hear the conversation perfectly clear. As soon as the call ends, the streamer will turn the TV audio back on.

Oticon brings back the joy of phone conversations! Buy ConnectLine Phone Adapter and forget about having to take off your hearing aid every time you need answer a call. No need to pick up the receiver. Stay where you are and enjoy crystal clear sound without annoying ringing or feedback!


  • Easily connects to any device using Bluetooth technology
  • Impressive range – up to 30 meters
  • Compatible with Streamer 1.4/Pro, Ponto Streamer
  • AutoConnect
  • AutoPriority
  • AutoResume
  • Rechargeable battery
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