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Hearing Aid with Direct Connectivity to Your Cell Phone

Phonak is the leading provider of hearing tools and wireless communication solutions. Its revolutionary Audeo B50-Direct device has become the first hearing aid that can be directly connected to the cell phones equipped with Bluetooth technology and provide wireless streaming of phone calls. This hearing aid is the result of many years of expertise and research that were aimed to keep people connected to the beauty of sound in case they have mild to severe hearing losses.

Nowadays, the Audeo B50-Direct hearing aid is considered to be the best and the smartest Phonak’s hearing device. It is developed and designed on the very successful Belong platform, which has 20 channels and a wide range of features ensuring a great listening experience in any environment. Audeo B50-Direct is designed for active people requiring hearing aids that would automatically keep up with the lifestyles they have.

There are two things that set the Audéo B50-Direct apart from other competitors on the market. First, it provides direct connectivity to any cell phone. You can connect your Audéo B50-Direct hearing aid to Android, iOs or any other cell phone that has Bluetooth® 4.2 technology. Moreover, this hearing aid will work well even with old versions of Bluetooth® phones regardless of their OS and brand. They do not necessarily need to be smartphones. The hearing aid has a low-wireless chip, which has the lowest power consumption in comparison to all other hearing aids using classic Bluetooth.

Hearing aids can also be used as a wireless headset to make hand-free phone calls. Audéo B50-Direct hearing aids can serve you as an excellent wireless headset offering quality sound and superb communication experience. This is something that our customers have been waiting for a long time. With this hearing aid, you won’t need to hold your phone close to your ear and mouth, so that the other person could hear you well. Audéo B50-Direct is equipped with the microphones that easily pick up the voice of the hearing aid wearer during a phone call. Besides, the phone does not have to be located close to the hearing aid.

Furthermore, you can answer and reject your phone calls, change volume and program the device using a push button located on the Audéo B50-Direct.

If you feel that you can’t hear the TV well, try using Phonak’s TV Connector accessory. It is USB-powered and works as a plug-and-play device. The TV Connector allows to stream audio at up to 15 meters’ distance. Thus, your hearing aid can successfully turn into wireless headphones providing excellent stereo sound. The Connector will start working as soon as you turn the power on. It automatically detects Audéo B50-Direct hearing aids, so that you won’t have any problems with a pairing process.

Another great feature of this accessory is that it can simultaneously stream to all connected hearing aids. It’s ideal for multiple Audéo B50-Direct hearing aid wearers, who want to watch TV together.

Have a seamless listening experience without changing your lifestyle with the best hearing aid.

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