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ReSound Enzo2 5: Enjoy perfect hearing even in the noisiest environments

ReSound Enzo2 5 is one of the most powerful hearing aids on the market. If you have severe hearing loss and experience difficulties in complex environments, try Enzo2 5! The cutting-edge technology behind it allows you to tune and personalize the listening device according to your specific needs. Now you can choose what sounds you want to hear, and the rest of the noise will just be drowned out.

Smart hearing

What really sets Enzo2 5 apart from other hearing devices is its ability to seamlessly connect to modern mobile devices giving you the opportunity to adjust the settings anytime and anywhere with just a few taps on the screen. Just download ReSound SmartApp to your iPhone, iPad or even iPod, and enjoy the benefits of your custom hearing aid.

Memory programs

Resound SmartApp also allows you to save specific settings for four different environments you often found yourself in. For example, a busy office, subway or your favorite coffee shop. Geotags connect the settings to the places so that the next time you enter them, your smartphone could automatically adjust volume, treble, and base according to the level of noise.

Hearing aid for every taste

Enzo2 5 BTE comes in ten different colors. The mic is made of translucent plastic that is almost undetectable in the ear. Every detail of the hearing aid is coated with iSolate nanotech which repels water, earwax, dust, and sweat making Enzo2 5 perfect for non-stop everyday use!

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