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Halo 2 i1000
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Halo 2 hearing aids are engineered by Starkey purposely for iPhone style lovers. TruLink Hearing Control technology enables a fail-safe connection with your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch. With the app, you can make sound adjustments to experience comfortable hearing. Updated processing power delivers the fastest streaming ever along with excellent music performance.

The Starkey Halo 2 instrument offers a pure sound quality that is free from background noise, whistling and buzzing. The robust tinnitus technology on board reliefs a wearer from irritating noise in the ears. With Halo 2 you get improved speech audibility in the most challenging environments.


  • Manufacturer's Warranty: three years
  • Style: Invisible-In-Canal
  • App for Smartphone: Yes
  • Battery Size: 13
  • Rechargeable battery: No
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Loss and Damage Warranty: one year
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