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ReSound LiNX2 9

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The ReSound LiNX2 9 is a state of the art hearing aid that is one of the first Resound launched. It is made specifically for the iPhone and boasts a dual core Coyote 4.5 processing chip. This technology assigns both processors to various tasks for the best experience. One deals with processing the sound while the other deals with wireless functionality. This gives this device twice the power it needs for maximum productivity without draining the battery.

17 warp channels – boasts a total of 17 channels for optimal hearing

Impressive spatial awareness – provides impressive spatial awareness and while muffling background noise

Sharper sound – The device can be used to shift down the frequency spectrum to a range where users can hear clearly which will ensure speech cues are not lost.


  • Noise tracker
  • Binaural directionality II
  • Spatial sense
  • Sharper sound for clearer hearing.
  • Multiple processing capabilities


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