ReSound Phone Clip+
ReSound Phone Clip+

ReSound Phone Clip+

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If you have a hearing aid and use a cell phone, one of the best accessories that you can get for it is the ReSound Phone Clip+. This indispensable device combines hands-free technology and high-quality sound delivery to provide you with a functional, compact, and convenient accessory for your hearing aid.

High-Quality Voice Streaming

The ReSound Phone Clip+ is the size of a matchbox but it changes the life of its users in a big way. With it, the user can talk with someone on the phone and hear them clearly, even though they may be in a noisy environment.

Works both with Android and iOS Devices

You can use the ReSound Phone Clip+ with an Apple or Android device. The Resound Control ™ allows the user control their hearing aid’s volume.

Dual Functionality

There are two functions that the ReSound Phone Clip+ offers:

  • Remotely adjust the channels and volume of a hearing aid
  • Communicate and stream dialogue to the hearing aid of a user



  • A convenient mute button that allows background noise suppression to give the user audio clarity.
  • Can simultaneously connect with up to two Bluetooth devices.
  • Offers voice-activated dialing and redialing of the last number to give the user superior control.
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