Starkey Halo 2 i2000
Starkey Halo 2 i2000

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The Halo 2 i2000 hearing aid device from Starkey is designed to offer incredible voice hearing quality and smooth voice calling experience.

Compact design and compatibility

The Halo 2 i2000 delivers full compatibility with iOS devices to suit your individual needs. Moreover, it is equipped to offer firm grip in your hands and is light enough to be carried easily.


The Halo 2 i2000 is furnished with Surface Nanoshield, which helps repel moisture and wax, resulting in higher durability and reliability of use in the long-term.

Wireless streaming

The hearing aid device helps stream voice calls wirelessly, giving you considerable ease and comfort in listening to voice calls, as well as a smoother hearing experience.


  • Wireless streaming
  • Repels moisture, oils, wax, and water
  • Offers quality speech detection in noisy and loud environments
  • Emits tinnitus relief sounds that are ideally suited for tinnitus suffering users
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