Pair - Widex Beyond 220
Widex Beyond 220
Widex Beyond 220 Colors

Pair - Widex Beyond 220


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  • Midnight Black
  • Copper Brown
  • Cappucino Brown
  • Tan Silk
  • Winter Silver
  • Warm Beige
  • Summer Gold
  • Silver White
  • Titan Grey
  • Pearl White
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Beyond 220 is a hearing aid device from Widex that has been created specifically for the iPhone. It is designed to overcome the problems experienced by people facing hearing loss through its superior voice hearing capabilities and technologies.

Water and moisture repellent

The device is designed to repel moisture, water, and other kinds of substances, making it durable enough to be used for the long run.

Direct streaming

The Beyond 220 device streams audio from multiple channels at superior speeds and impeccable quality to give you an excellent voice hearing experience.

Speech enhancer

This capability allows you to target a particular voice in a crowd to enhance speech, ideal for maintaining smooth voice calls in overcrowded and noisy areas.


  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Noise compression and speech optimization
  • TruSound AOC capability for distortion free voice call and sound performance
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