• According to a report, more than 48 million American individuals suffer from hearing loss. However, only one out of three patients tend to get a hearing aid within seven years. Therefore, the remaining two patients wait up to seven years before finally deciding to get a hearing aid. Furthermore, distance from the service center and the price of hearing aids are the primary reasons behind this delay. This article explains how you can receive the best ReSound hearing aid in Arlington Heights from HearingOnCall.

If you suffer from hearing loss or know someone who does, you have probably heard about ReSound. It is the fourth largest manufacturer of premium-quality hearing aids. ReSound is to hearing aid as Apple or Samsung is to smartphones. Each ReSound product comes with the guarantee of performance and durability. Moreover, ReSound products are easily available from the HearingOnCall audiology center in Arlington Heights at a reasonable price.

What is

ReSound Products:

ReSound is one of the few hearing aid brands to have a product for everyone. HearingOnCall Arlington ensures that you get the best hearing aid within your price range. Here are the fantastic products from ReSound:

Features ONE LiNX Quattro ENZO Q LiNX 3D
Style M&RIE RIE, BTE, or custom-crafted ITC BTE IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE, MIH, RIE, BTE
Hearing Level Mild-severe Mild-severe severe-profound Mild-severe
Battery Traditional and rechargeable Traditional and rechargeable Traditional Traditional and rechargeable
Bluetooth Stream Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Most expensive Mid-Range Mid-Range Least expensive
Where to buy
ReSound hearing
aids in Arlington Heights?

Arlington Heights is a place that is rich in both culture and services. However, people need to travel downtown for branded services. So, it won’t be wrong to say that HearingOnCall is the only authentic supplier of hearing aids in Arlington, IL.

ReSound is a premium manufacturer of hearing aids; thus, only a limited number of clinics are proclaimed their products’ official resellers. Therefore, HearingOnCall is the only authentic reseller of ReSound in Arlington Heights, IL. You can choose from a wide variety of products available from various brands once you visit their clinic. Another benefit of HearingOnCall is that you can select your payment plan. It means you can either pay upfront or even choose to pay as you go with the service.

Most of the ReSound products have similar features except for a few variations. Different products are designed for various levels of hearing levels and also with slight variations in features. Here I will discuss what the general features of ReSound products are:

Features of
ReSound products

Physical features:

Any ReSound hearing aid is longer and thinner than any other brand. It means that the device remains invisible from afar and thus cannot be seen easily by others. This doesn’t make it more visible when it’s behind your ear and is more comfortable. Moreover, the ReSound aids are available in different styles for all kinds of patients. You can choose between IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE, MIH, RIE, BTE, etc.

Secondly, people who wear glasses along with hearing aids often complain about difficulties because the ear gets pushed out. However, the ReSound hearing aid’s thinner body means more space behind the ear for the glasses. Therefore, your ear doesn’t get pushed out like it used to with petite, thicker hearing aids.

Wind Noise:

Wind noise is the sound of wind amplified by hearing aids due to its detection as the system’s typical sound. It sounds exactly like when you blow into a microphone, and it’s pretty annoying. ReSound hearing aids tend to sit further down behind the ear along with a thinner body. These physical features allow it to catch as little wind disturbance as possible.

Typically, when a hearing aid detects even a slight gust of wind, its sound is amplified to become a tornado. ReSound products provide the least surface area to the winds and thus prevents wind detection as sound. Moreover, a special feature is also integrated into the system that differentiates between normal sounds and noise. In short, if wind noise annoys you, then ReSound products can help you a lot.


The canal is the most natural place to have the microphone. A person with average hearing ability always receives the sound in the ear canal. That’s how he can detect the nature and direction of sound even with the eyes closed. ReSound hearing aids guarantee the most realistic natural sounds possible by stimulation the ear-canal microphone.

Usually, in a BTE (Behind The Ear) hearing aid model, the microphone is traditionally on top of the ear. It doesn’t allow the patient to properly detect the sound’s nature as a normal human being. Thus, traditional hearing aids take away your ability to adapt to sound localization. However, ReSound has invented a new hearing aid style known as the M&RIE. in this style; the microphone is placed next to the receiver in BTE hearing aids. It allows you to receive the sound right in the ear canal and helps you localize in the most natural way possible.

Ultra-Focus mode:

Are you a big fan of Sherlock Holmes? If yes, then brace yourself because ReSound is just about to give you his hearing abilities. Every ReSound product comes with a downloadable application for your smartphone. You can use this app to control different features of your hearing aid device. The ultra-focus mode is also selected from the ReSound smartphone app.

This mode is suitable for very noisy situations like bars and restaurants. It allows you to focus only on the person sitting in front of you. All other noises and sounds coming from the background are not detected thanks to the noise-cancellation feature of ReSound hearing aids. Moreover, this feature is optional, and you can quickly turn it off as soon as you leave that noisy place.


  • ReSound is one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids all across the USA. HearingOnCall is the only authentic reseller of ReSound products in Arlington Heights, IL. I hope this article has helped you with everything you need to know about ReSound hearing aids.