ReSound Hearing Aid

  • ReSound is the pioneer of the hearing aid industry. They are ranked fourth among the world’s top hearing aid device manufacturers. With premium-quality comes the promise of durability and innovations. Thus ReSound is the champions of all these trades and much more. Moreover, the prices of ReSound products are lower than other competing manufacturers. Therefore, services like HearingOnCall provide the best cheapest hearing aid solutions in Cary, IL.

ReSound makes premium hearing aids at a budget-friendly price. All of their models are programmable, meaning that your concerned audiologist will customize the device according to your hearing loss. Furthermore, the ReSound devices are available in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that better suits your needs. HearingOnCall’s team of audiologists and experts will assist you in selecting the right product from the wide variety.

The style, size, and model of the ReSound’s hearing aids depend on your hearing loss level. The HearingOnCall professionals in Cary, IL, will perform specific tests before recommending a product. Another significant benefit of choosing ReSound products is that they are the first iPhone-compatible hearing aid solutions. These devices can seamlessly connect with your mobile device for a comfortable experience.


Models of ReSound Hearing Aids

Features ONE LiNX Quattro ENZO Q LiNX 3D
Style M&RIE RIE, BTE, or custom-crafted ITC BTE IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE, MIH, RIE, BTE
Hearing Level Mild-to-severe Mild-to-severe Severe-to-profound Mild-to-severe
Bluetooth Stream Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Traditional and rechargeable Traditional and rechargeable Traditional Traditional and rechargeable
Price Point Most expensive Middle-of-the-road Middle-of-the-road Least expensive
ReSound hearing
aids in Cary, IL

HearingOnCall is one of the largest providers of ReSound products in Cary, IL. It is best to visit a professional before choosing a ReSound product for your hearing. You can take an appointment online or through a call from your nearest HearingOnCall audiology center in Cary, IL. Once your test reports are received, the audiologist will help you choose the best hearing aid.

Moreover, HearingOnCall is also the only center in Cary, IL, that practices price transparency in its sales. The rates for all the ReSound hearing aids are available on their website. On the other hand, other resellers tend to hide the total cost until you visit their clinic. Another benefit of HearingOnCall is that you can select a payment plan that suits you best. You can pay at the time of service or even choose to pay as you go with the service.

LINX Quattro is ReSound’s premium collection of hearing aids. It is also the first hearing aid with complete iPhone support. The innovative hardware circuit was introduced to the market back in 2014 when barely anyone had such an idea. Can you imagine a hearing aid that also works as a fully compatible Bluetooth headset in 2014? You can imagine the innovative minds that drive this tech-giant hearing aid manufacturer. Ever since the first LINX device, their focus on smartphone customers is regularly increasing. The chips and memory of each year’s flagship model are surprisingly better than any other.

LINX Quattro
Features of LINX Quattro

The LINX Quattro series is the crown jewel of ReSound. They are the most feature-rich, multifunctional hearing aids available anywhere in the world. Some of its features are as follows:

iPhone Support

Even in 2021, only a few hearing aids are compatible with smartphones such as iPhones. The amount of hardware that needs to be installed in such a small unit requires precision. However, LINX devices are fully compatible with all iPhones running iOS 8 and above since 2014.

Android Support

Like iPhones, the latest LINX hearing aids are also compatible with all Android devices. You can seamlessly connect the assistance with your smartphone using Bluetooth to benefit from its unique features.


All LINX devices connect with the cellphone using Bluetooth. Once connected, you can make calls, enjoy music or even watch TV streams through your smartphone. The LINX hearing aids act as a Bluetooth headset when connected to a supported smartphone.


The hearing aids are available in various styles and sizes. Each hearing aid has its own set of pros and cons. The LINX devices from HearingOnCall  Cary, IL, are available in both ITC and BTE styles. The selection of style depends on your hearing loss and comfort.


The LINX Quattro hearing aids come packed with a rechargeable battery. This high-capacity battery provides long-lasting battery life that can last up to 24 hours on a single charge. You can recharge your LINX device just like a standard Bluetooth headset.

Sound Quality

The latest model of the LINX series stimulates the most natural sound quality possible. It has a built-in noise cancellation mic and an anti-distortion chip. Therefore, all the LINX devices ensure that you can focus only on the sound rather than the environment.


The LINX Quattro hearing aids are available in a different range of prices. However, all of the prices lie well within an average consumer’s range. Therefore, these flagship hearing aids provide the most premium sound at an affordable price.

ReSound Apps

There is an array of apps available for your LINX Quattro hearing aid. All of these apps are available on both Android Play-store and Apple’s Appstore. You can use these apps to control your hearing aid’s different features with just the touch of a hand. It means you don’t need to visit your audiologist each time the hearing aid goes out-of-calibration.

ReSound Accessories

Besides the amazing mobile apps, ReSound also offers stunning accessories for their products. These accessories can work seamlessly to make your life smarter and easier. For Example, the Phone Clip+ allows you to receive and make calls directly from the hearing aid.


  • ReSound is the fourth largest manufacturer of premium hearing aids. These devices can’t be purchased online, and you need to visit a selling center physically. HearingOnCall provides the best hearing aid services in Cary, IL. You can choose any of ReSound products after visiting their health center.