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  • Signia is a well-known hearing aid manufacturer with an extensive product lineage. These devices are highly customizable and are suitable for all levels of hearing impairment. The revolutionary features present in Signia devices can’t be compared to any other hearing aid. However, you cannot purchase online any Signia product in Arlington Heights, IL, or anywhere else. Therefore, the best way to buy a Signia hearing aid is to visit your nearby HearingOnCall center in Arlington Heights, IL.
  • The style, size, and model of the Signia hearing aids depend on your hearing loss level. The HearingOnCall professionals in Arlington Heights, IL, will perform specific tests before recommending a product. Another significant benefit of choosing Signia products is that they are the first iPhone-compatible hearing aid solutions. These devices can seamlessly connect with your mobile device for a comfortable experience.
Different products from Signia

There are four different hearing impairment levels, i.e., mild, moderate, severe, and profound. It would be best if you had an optimized hearing aid to hear sounds of different levels properly. Therefore, the HearingOnCall staff configures each device according to your test results before finalizing the purchase.

Pure X

The new Pure X listening devices are improved renditions of the past-age Signia Pure NX collector. Both of the devices are in-the-Canal or RIC types and thus suitable for mild-severe cases. The significant difference between them is that dispensable batteries fuel pure X, and the Pure NX comes with a rechargeable lithium battery.

Moreover, the Signia also comes with a mobile application compatible with both IOS and Android devices. This application can control the Bluetooth connection, program selection, channel adjustment, and volume control.

Styletto X

The Styletto X listening devices include a remote sound system gushing of calls and music straightforwardly from Apple iPhones and empower minor spilling from other Bluetooth cell phones and TVs through Signia Streamline Mic and Streamline TV extras. The Styletto X family includes three value/execution levels and works with the Signia smaller than the standard Pocket controller, Streamline embellishments, and the Signia application. It is accessible in five shading blends.

Styletto portable hearing aids provide long-lasting batteries and natural sound quality. Their rechargeable battery-powered devices are shaped into a thin, bent structure factor that sits level against the head’s side, and they are accessible in an assortment of shading alternatives.

Charge & Go X

The Signia Pure Charge & Go X is a rechargeable receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity. The unique fast-charging technology was first released in these Charge & Go hearing aids. The improved lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are 16% smaller and provide 20% more charging capacity than the previous devices. The devices also feature a new rocker switch for easier adjustments and a new inductive charger that also works as a dehumidifier. The battery lasts a whole day on a single overnight charge. Therefore, these are the best devices for job individuals.

Silk X

Signia says its Silk X hearing aids offer “the ultimate indiscretion.” The completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids are 20 percent smaller than their predecessors, making them nearly invisible in the ear. A flexible silicone “click sleeve” slips over the hearing aids and sits securely in the ear canal ear without requiring a custom earmold. They utilize small number of 10 disposable hearing aid batteries and come in three technology/performance levels.


Signia also offers CROS solutions for people with single-sided deafness. The CROS Silk X and CROS Pure 312 X utilize disposable hearing aid batteries, and CROS Pure Charge & Go X is a rechargeable model. All CROS X devices are compatible with the Signia App and mini-Pocket remote control.

CROS solutions are for hearing-aid wearers who have profound hearing loss in one ear and at least some usable hearing in the other. CROS devices pick up sound on the more inferior side and send the sound digitally to the better side, where the sound can be amplified and heard by the better ear. This enables hearing sound from both sides of the head. CROS solutions have been shown to provide better awareness for sound and increase speech recognition for people with single-sided deafness.

The NX platform

The NX platform was the previous generation of hearing aids offered by Signia. Many of the models are still sold today, including Motion NX and Insio NX, which have yet to be replaced by the Xperience (X) platform. The Pure NX, Silk NX, and Styletto Connect have all been replaced by the Xperience models described above. Signia originally introduced their signature Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology with the NX platform.

Motion NX

Signia Motion 13 NX behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are designed to provide maximum flexibility in fitting and connectivity options. The Signia NX Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology harmonizes the wearer’s voice with surrounding sounds, enhancing speech understanding in noise. Bluetooth-based direct streaming from the TV and smartphone provides enhanced connectivity, and the myControl App offers smartphone control. And the Signia Motion Charge & Go NX model comes with a Signia rechargeable battery system that offers all-day use from a single overnight charge.

Insio NX

The Insio NX devices of Signia Insio NX hearing aids are minimal, discreet custom-fitted hearing aids that sit within the ear canal. They are the tiniest hearing aids to utilize the Signia NX sound platform and come in various sizes. And the Insio NX ITC/ITE models connect with Bluetooth-enabled TV and smartphones through a streaming accessory. Signia has not yet released the Insio X line of custom hearing aids.

Signia hearing aid are exclusively optimized for iPhone. These hearing aids enable wireless audio streaming from iPhones and other Apple devices. Moreover, the Bluetooth connection is not limited to IOS only. You can pair your hearing aid with other electronic devices as well.

Signia iPhone


  • Signia is the pioneer of innovation in the hearing aid industry. Their devices offer features and a natural sound experience for mild-profound hearing impairment patients. Moreover, the HearingOnCall is the reseller of Signia in Arlington Heights, IL. Their staff provides customized optimization according to test results.