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  • Signia is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aid and accessories. It is also one of the oldest producers to release an analog hearing aid technology. The hearing aids from Signia are highly reliable and come with innovative technology as well as stunning features. However, these devices can only be purchased from third-party resellers. To buy a Signia hearing air in Cary, IL, you need to visit the HearingOnCall center.

Signia was initially developed by Siemens and was an early developer of analog hearing aids. Size reduction was the main focus of Siemens and thus created the first hearing aids with directional microphones. Moreover, Siemens at that time was the first manufacturer to ship digital hearing aids overseas.

The innovation of ear-to-ear device technology can also be linked to Siemens as they released their first product back in 2004. Currently, Siemens is sold under the brand name Signia and is owned by the same parent company as Widex. Signia products are very reliable and provide exceptional hearing assistance. These devices come in many variants, and all of them are available in HearingOnCall in Cary, IL.

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Features of Signia Hearing aids

Signia is the pioneer of one of the most modern hearing aids in the world. Their devices come with features that are second to none. All of their devices are custom programmed for every condition of hearing impairment. Therefore, Signia devices available on HearingOnCall in Cary, IL, provide the best hearing adjustment. Some of these features are as follows:

Your-Sound technology:

Your-sound is a feature that is found only in Sigma devices. It allows you to listen to your environment when you are moving clearly. The acoustic-motion sensors detect your movement and adjust the hearing aid settings accordingly. Most of the hearing aids focus only on sound amplification on static conditions to prevent wind distortion. On the other hand, the Signia hearing aid detects when you’re moving. Your hearing aids listen to more of the sound around you; this helps to pick up the voice of walking or jogging.

Ultra HD e2e binaural link:

According to audiologists, hearing impairment can either be  Unilateral or Bilateral. Bilateral patients are required to wear two hearing aids. Problems may arise if these devices are not appropriately synced as your brain cannot create a listening balance. However, the E2E technology enables you to get a synced performance from both hearing aids continuously. Both the devices receive full-bandwidth audio exchange simultaneously. Moreover, you get a balanced sound with patented dual processing of your voice and the remaining soundscape.

Binaural beam-forming technology:

Most of the hearing aids fail to create a realistic natural sound after amplification. You end up hearing a robotic sound from everyone. It is not only annoying but also creates a problem of distinguishing between voices. However, the Binaural beam technology provides clear speech understanding by optimized sound amplification. Furthermore, you get a more natural listening experience.

Own Voice Processing (OVP™):

Another problem faced by hearing aid users is that they cannot listen to their own voice. It creates a sense of dizziness and disorientation between thoughts. Moreover, you start losing self-confidence because you can’t judge your own speech. The OVP technology allows your hearing aid to scan and process your own voice constantly. Moreover, this phenomenon is entirely independent of all other sound amplification. It helps improve comprehension of other people’s speech and boosts self-confidence.

Extended dynamic range:

According to audiologists, every case of hearing impairment is unique. Some people have mild hearing loss but require more significant amplification, while others with profound hearing impairment may require pitch adjustments. Therefore, hearing aids are needed to be customized for each case separately. The extended dynamic range of the Signia hearing aid delivers up to113 dB maximum input. Therefore, it can be adjusted for a range of impairment patients and surrounding conditions. Thus significantly improving signal quality even in loud environments.

HD spatial algorithms:

Sound localization is the brain’s ability to determine the direction and distance of the origin of sound just by listening to it. People with blindness often utilize this very ability to determine their path. However, some hearing aid devices produce the sound from one direction only. Therefore, your brain cannot localize the sound’s origin and create confusion in some situations. The HD spatial technology helps to localize the sound by amplifying the sound in the surround system.


Nowadays, many hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible. It allows you to connect to smartphones and other electronic devices for a better sound experience. The antenna of the Signia hearing aid combines high-quality Bluetooth streaming with its 2.4 GHz audio streaming solutions. Therefore, you connect to multiple devices simultaneously and get high sound quality from smartphones and TV.

Rechargeable hearing aids:

Signia also offers a broad range of rechargeable hearing aids utilizing lithium-ion batteries. Almost all of their products come with a rechargeable battery that can last for a whole day on a single charge. Moreover, The Li-Ion batteries are considered to be the safest by all the health organizations worldwide.

Fast charging:

Signia is also the first brand to introduce fast-charging in their hearing aid devices. The Charge & Go X models provide overnight recharging and last for up to two days on a single charge. The recharging mechanism is also very straightforward. All you need to do is plug in the charger just like a standard wireless headset. Some models also come with a portable case for wireless charging. These charging cases can full-charge your device up to four times.

Tele-Care 3.0

Hearing aids are customizable devices that require constant monitoring and optimization. Usually, you are required to take an audiologist’s appointment to re-calibrate your hearing aid. However, the Tele-Care 3.0 enables your hearing-health provider to monitor your usage remotely and provide remote online tuning of the hearing aids.


  • Signia is the rebranded name of Siemens hearing aids. It comes with a wide range of multi-functional features that set it apart from others. Moreover, all Signia devices can be purchased from HearingOnCall in Cary, IL.